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A database administrator (DBA) directs or performs all activities related to maintaining a successful database environment. Responsibilities include designing, implementing, and maintaining the database system; establishing policies and procedures pertaining to the management, security, maintenance, and use of the database management system; and training employees in database management and use. A DBA is expected to stay abreast of emerging technologies and new design approaches. Typically, a DBA has either a degree in Computer Science and some on-the-job training with a particular database product or more extensive experience with a range of database products. A DBA is usually expected to have experience with one or more of the major database management products, such as Structured Query Language, SAP, and Oracle-based database management software.*

* definition courtesy of whatis.com


DBA Services

Whether you simply want the security of having an experienced Oracle DBA protecting your business-critical data and applications, or you require an on-site DBA resource for architecture planning and support, Polaris can tailor a DBA support solution to meet your needs.

We stress a proactive approach to the DBA role and use intelligent software agents that automatically track database statistics and issue alerts for potential problems before they become an issue.

At Polaris, we provide top notch onsite and remote DBA support and services.


On-Site Oracle Database Administration Services

  • Install, upgrade, and configure Oracle Software
  • Design and implement database backup and recovery procedures
  • Perform database performance monitoring and tuning
  • Audit and assess existing database environments
  • Design and implement disaster recovery plans
  • Design and implement high availability solutions (standby databases, clustering, Oracle Parallel Server)
  • Perform database architecture design and capacity planning


Remote Oracle Database Administration Services

  • System spot checks by a qualified DBA
  • 7x24 Automated database monitoring and reporting with alert functionality
  • Monitoring metrics
    • Oracle alert log
    • database backup logs
    • database availability
    • SQL*Net listener availability
    • database buffer cache and shared pool hit ratios
    • tablespace freespace
    • database object extension
    • Oracle-related file systems
    • inefficient SQL
    • Oracle physical I/O
    • invalid database objects
    • database and tablespace-level fragmentation
    • database disk sorts
    • rollback segment performance
    • redo log performance



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